Section 2-13-14

Requirements relative to milk and cream tests.

Any person, firm, company, association, corporation or agent thereof engaged in the business of buying milk or cream on the basis of or in any manner with reference to the amount or percentage of butterfat contained therein, as determined by the Babcock test, shall use standard Babcock bottles, pipettes and weights as defined in specifications for "Standard Babcock Testing Glassware and Weights," which shall be passed by the State Board of Agriculture and Industries. All such Babcock test bottles, pipettes and weights so used shall be subject to inspection and proper approval or condemnation in the same manner as is authorized in the inspection of other weighing or measuring devices. It shall be unlawful for any person, persons, firm, company, association, corporation or any agent or agents thereof to use any other than standard test bottles, pipettes and weights to determine the amount of fat in milk or cream bought on the butterfat basis as determined by the Babcock test. All bottles and pipettes used in measuring milk or milk products for making determinations of the percentage of fat in said milk or milk products shall have clearly blown or otherwise permanently marked in the side of the bottle or pipette the word, "sealed," and in the side of the pipette or the side or the bottom of the bottle the name, initials or trademark of the manufacturer and his designating number, which designating number shall be furnished by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries upon application by the manufacturer and upon the filing by the manufacturer of a bond in the sum of $1,000.00 with the sureties, to be approved by said commissioner, conditioned upon conformance with the requirements of this section. A record of the bonds furnished, the designating number and to whom furnished shall be kept in the office of the commissioner. Any manufacturer who sells Babcock or other milk, cream or butter test bottles or pipettes to be used in this state that do not comply with the provisions of this section shall suffer a penalty of $500.00, to be recovered by the Attorney General in a civil action in the name of the state upon the bond of such manufacturer. No person shall use, for the purpose of determining the percentage of milk fat in milk or milk products, any bottles or pipettes unless they comply with the provisions of this section relating thereto.

(Ag. Code 1927, §62; Code 1940, T. 2, §199.)