Section 2-13-84

Milk transported into Alabama.

No milk shall be shipped or transported into the State of Alabama from another state unless such milk is produced and handled under sanitary conditions no less adequate in protection of public health than milk produced in the State of Alabama. Shipping or transporting such milk into the State of Alabama must be authorized by permits as provided in Section 2-13-83 and must be authorized by a permit by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries as provided in Section 2-13-83. Said commissioner is hereby authorized to issue or revoke such permits as have been issued by the commissioner under rules and regulations adopted under the provisions of this article providing for a method of ascertaining the conditions under which such milk shipped into the State of Alabama was produced and handled. Any milk shipped into the State of Alabama in violation of the provisions of this section or rules and regulations promulgated under this article shall be suspended from sale, seized and condemned in accordance with the procedure set forth under Article 2, Chapter 2 of this title.

(Acts 1955, No. 570, p. 1239, §3.)