Section 2-13-87

Issuance and revocation of permit.

The commissioner shall issue to each person, firm or corporation who holds a permit issued under the authority of Section 2-13-82 or Section 2-13-83 a permit for a semiannual period, as authorized by this article upon the application of such person, firm or corporation. The commissioner shall have no authority to revoke a permit so issued to any such person, firm or corporation until an inspection of the premises has been made by the commissioner or by an employee of the Department of Agriculture and Industries. Revocation must be in writing, and no permit shall be revoked except for violations of rules and regulations promulgated under the provisions of this article. Any revocation of a permit shall not become effective until three days after the order of revocation has been delivered to the permit holder. Delivery of the notice may be made by registered or certified mail.

(Acts 1955, No. 570, p. 1239, §7A.)