Section 2-14-10

Quarantining of apiary or colony of honeybees infected with contagious or infectious disease, etc.; moving of quarantined bees, supplies or equipment.

Any apiary or colony of honeybees found infected with American Foulbrood or any other contagious or infectious disease or otherwise found to be kept or moved or transported in violation of the requirements of this chapter or rules or regulations adopted under this chapter shall be placed under quarantine by the commissioner, the State Apiarist or their agents or employees, which quarantine shall become effective upon written notice thereof being furnished to the beekeeper or person having possession or control of such bees. Bees, beekeeping supplies or equipment quarantined under the provisions of this section shall not be moved or allowed to be moved except by written permission of the commissioner or the State Apiarist.

(Acts 1965, No. 794, p. 1488, §9.)