Section 2-14-13

Rules and regulations.

The Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, with the approval of the State Board of Agriculture and Industries, may adopt and promulgate such rules and regulations as necessary to carry out the evident intent and purpose of this chapter, including rules and regulations to govern the shipment, movement, or transportation of honeybees, beekeeping equipment, and supplies into or within the State of Alabama, the establishment of quarantines, the annual registration of colonies of honeybees, and the collection of registration fees, the establishment of fees to defray the expense of the duties imposed by this chapter, and other rules and regulations for the control and eradication of contagious and infectious diseases of honeybees. The rules and regulations duly promulgated under this chapter shall have the force and effect of law. All fees collected under this chapter shall be deposited into the Agricultural Fund in the State Treasury.

(Acts 1965, No. 794, p. 1488, §12; Act 2004-516, p. 996, §1.)