Section 2-15-113

Use of sticks, whips, chains, etc., in livestock markets; promulgation of rules and regulations by commissioner as to treatment of livestock in markets; inspections of markets for enforcement of section.

In addition to the authority granted to the Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and Industries pursuant to Division 1 of Article 4 of this chapter, the said commissioner, with the approval of the State Board of Agriculture and Industries, shall be authorized to promulgate reasonable rules and regulations for the humane treatment of animals held in livestock markets and while being sold or offered for sale in such markets, including the number, kind and size of animals that may be held in pens or areas of stipulated dimensions, regulations for the feeding and care of such animals and for the maintenance of sanitary conditions of the premises.

Sticks, canes or whips shall not be used in such a manner so as to injure an animal. The use of chains, spikes, clubs or other injurious devices are hereby prohibited except under extreme circumstances where it is necessary to prevent injury to persons or other animals; and flappers, other noisemaking devices, electric prods of not more than six volts in strength and other contrivances which have been found to be equally effective shall be used wherever possible for such purposes.

The Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries shall provide for the regular inspection of such livestock markets for the purpose of enforcing the requirements of this section.

(Acts 1967, No. 214, p. 578, §4.)