Section 2-15-155

Livestock brought into state to be accompanied by certificate of health; preparation and contents thereof; mailing of certificate to State Veterinarian upon arrival of livestock in state; furnishing of blank health certificates by State Veterinarian.

All livestock, when brought into Alabama by a person, company or corporation or railroad or other transportation companies, shall be accompanied by a certificate of health, and said certificate shall state that said animal or animals are free from contagious, infectious or communicable disease and the carrier or carriers of the cause or causes of such diseases.

This certificate must be made by a qualified veterinarian immediately after he has personally examined the livestock and before the livestock has been shipped into Alabama. This certificate shall be attached to and accompany the shipping bill of the livestock to the place to which the livestock are shipped, and the owner of the livestock or agent of the transportation company shall mail or send said certificate to the State Veterinarian immediately following the arrival of the livestock at its place of destination.

The State Veterinarian shall furnish qualified veterinarians with blank health certificates at actual cost.

(Acts 1947, No. 694, p. 528, §10.)