Section 2-15-171

Promulgation of rules and regulations as to transportation, disposition, etc., of quarantined livestock by State Board of Agriculture and Industries; admissibility in evidence thereof; furnishing of copies to probate judges, etc.

The State Board of Agriculture and Industries shall have full power to make or enact such rules and regulations as may be deemed necessary for governing the movement, transportation or disposition of livestock that may be quarantined as provided in this article on account of being affected with or exposed to a contagious or communicable disease or on account of being infected or infested with the carrier or carriers of the cause of a contagious, infectious or communicable disease of livestock.

The rules and regulations purporting to be published by authority of the State Board of Agriculture and Industries in book or pamphlet form or a typewritten copy of any such rules and regulations certified to by the commissioner as being a true and correct copy and having been legally promulgated shall be received as evidence of the passage and legal publication of such rules and regulations as of the date mentioned or provided for therein in all courts and places without further proof.

A copy of said rules and regulations shall be furnished by the commissioner to all probate judges and district attorneys in all areas that might be affected by said rules and regulations immediately after their adoption by the State Board of Agriculture and Industries.

(Acts 1947, No. 694, p. 528, §4.)