Section 2-15-192

Establishment of disease control program by state board.

The State Board of Agriculture and Industries is hereby further authorized and empowered to establish a program which shall include methods and procedures whereby all persons owning cattle and calves in Alabama shall be required to make such animals available for testing by the State Veterinarian at such time and place and in such a manner as may be prescribed under rules and regulations adopted by the State Board of Agriculture and Industries for this purpose to the end that it may be determined whether the disease of brucellosis is found to exist in or among such animals. Any cattle or herds of cattle which react positively or are otherwise found to be infected with brucellosis may be quarantined, released therefrom, moved, handled and disposed of under conditions and requirements as may be established by the State Board of Agriculture and Industries pursuant to rules and regulations adopted and promulgated as authorized under this section. Any such disease control program as may be established under this section by the State Board of Agriculture and Industries may provide for uniform methods and procedures for the establishment of brucellosis free areas, certified areas, modified certified areas, recertification, individual herd certification or other recognized methods and procedures for control and eradication of brucellosis in cattle. Any such control program may also provide for the method of treatment or vaccination, the proper identification of any animals which react to any brucellosis test or which have been vaccinated or otherwise treated for such disease, and such disease control program may require owners of cattle to vaccinate such cattle for the prevention, treatment and control of brucellosis at state expense to the extent that funds may be available for such purpose or at the owner's expense.

(Acts 1961, No. 1036, p. 1621, §3.)