Section 2-15-25

Maintenance, publication, etc., of register of brands by department; department to determine ownership, etc., of lost, estrayed or stolen livestock and furnish said information to interested persons.

(a) The department shall maintain a complete register of all brands, showing the name and address of the owner, and shall publish and distribute copies of this register in booklet or pamphlet form and supplementary copies thereof to every livestock market and sheriff's office and other public officials in the state that may have an official need therefor. Copies of the register of brands may be furnished to other persons upon request at a price of $5.00 per copy.

(b) The department shall also make use of its records of brand registrations in the performance of its duties to trace, locate and determine ownership of any lost, estrayed or stolen livestock and similar duties relating to livestock theft investigations and furnish such information to interested persons, upon receipt of notice giving details or description of the kind of livestock, color, weight, size, sex, age, marks, brands and other identifying information.

(Acts 1975, No. 567, p. 1301, §7.)