Section 2-15-299

Inspectors provided in counties released from quarantine; disinfection of reinfested county.

(a) The county commission in a county released from state or federal quarantine shall provide and pay a reasonable salary to one or more inspectors or as many inspectors as shall be required to guard exposed county boundary lines, to look after local quarantined premises, ranges, pens, lots, pastures, or fields and, when necessary, to supervise the filling and replenishing of dipping vats and the dipping of quarantined cattle or equine or equidae.

(b) When a county becomes reinfested with ticks, that county shall pay the expenses of disinfection of all infested places, premises, ranges, and cattle, or equine or equidae under the direction of the State Veterinarian or a state inspector according to law and the regulations of the State Board of Agriculture and Industries.

(Ag. Code 1927, §584; Code 1940, T. 2, §377; Act 2004-627, p. 1421, §1.)