Section 2-15-64

Equipment and facilities required for markets; promulgation of rules and regulations by commissioner as to operation of markets generally.

(a) Every livestock market operating under this division shall have adequate and proper facilities for handling livestock, which shall include proper pens for holding and segregating animals properly protected from the weather; an adequate sanitary water supply; satisfactory scales, such scales to be approved by the division of weights and measures, Department of Agriculture and Industries or its successor in duties; concrete-floored pens for holding cattle to be tested, treated or sprayed; and adequately constructed and designated quarantine pens for segregating and testing livestock that might be affected with or exposed to a contagious or infectious disease. Necessary chutes for handling cattle must be provided. If feeder or breeder swine are handled, concrete or other impervious floored pens must be provided that will keep this kind of swine completely separated from slaughter swine at all times.

(b) Livestock markets shall also be required to have certain necessary and essential equipment and to comply with such other minimum standards of construction as may be required by rules and regulations promulgated by the commissioner, with the approval of the board, to carry out the evident intent and purposes of this section.

(c) The commissioner, with the approval of the board, is also authorized to promulgate such rules and regulations pertaining to the operation of livestock markets as may be reasonably necessary for the prevention, spread, eradication and control of contagious and infectious diseases among livestock which are received, kept, handled, sold, moved and delivered from livestock markets. Such regulations may require methods of receiving, keeping, handling, inspecting, testing, treating, dipping, vaccinating, inoculating, separating, segregating and quarantining livestock sold for stocker, feeder or breeding purposes as well as methods of receiving, handling, keeping, selling and moving livestock for slaughter purposes as well as rules and regulations governing the operation of scales on which livestock are weighed and testing for accuracy of such scales for the purpose of weights of livestock sold on the basis of weight.

(Acts 1975, No. 386, p. 950, §5.)