Section 2-16-21

Adoption, conduct, etc., of program for prevention, eradication and control of infectious and contagious poultry diseases; cooperation by department, etc., with other state and federal agencies.

The Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, with the approval of the State Board of Agriculture and Industries, is hereby authorized to adopt, conduct and carry out a program or plan designed to prevent, eradicate and control infectious and contagious diseases of poultry in the State of Alabama, and such program shall be carried out by the Department of Agriculture and Industries.

The Department of Agriculture and Industries is hereby authorized to cooperate with other agencies for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this division, and to that end the commissioner is hereby authorized and empowered to enter into cooperative agreements with other agencies, departments and institutions of the State of Alabama and of the federal government.

(Acts 1957, No. 549, p. 769, §2.)