Section 2-17-30

Jurisdiction and prosecution of injunctive proceedings under chapter or regulations promulgated thereunder.

The circuit courts of the several counties of this state are vested with jurisdiction specifically to enforce and to prevent and restrain violations of this chapter or any regulation promulgated under authority thereof by temporary restraining order or permanent injunction or otherwise. Petitions for injunctive relief as authorized hereunder shall be filed in the circuit court of the county of residence of the person who violates the provisions of this chapter. Any action commenced hereunder based upon facts furnished by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries or others having knowledge thereof may be brought in the name of the State of Alabama upon the relation of the Attorney General and with his approval, and such officer shall upon request be assisted by the district attorney or deputy district attorney of the judicial circuit in which injunctive proceedings are filed.

(Acts 1969, No. 1049, p. 1939, §26; Acts 1975, No. 550, §3.)