Section 2-17-9

Examination, inspecting and labeling, etc., of meat food products and poultry food products; destruction of condemned meat food products and poultry food products; removal of inspectors from establishments failing to destroy same.

For the purposes set forth in Section 2-17-3, the commissioner shall cause to be made by inspectors appointed for that purpose an examination and inspection of all meat food products and poultry food products prepared in any slaughtering, meat canning, salting, packing, rendering or similar establishment where such articles are prepared solely for intrastate commerce, and for the purposes of any examination and inspection said inspectors shall have access at all times, by day or night, whether the establishment is open or not, to every part of said establishment. Said inspectors shall mark, stamp, tag or label as "Alabama inspected and passed" all such products found to be not adulterated, and said inspectors shall mark, label, stamp or tag as "Alabama inspected and condemned" all such products found adulterated; and all such condemned meat food products or poultry food products shall be destroyed for food purposes as provided in Section 2-17-4, and the commissioner may remove inspectors from any establishment which fails to so destroy such condemned meat food products.

(Acts 1969, No. 1049, p. 1939, §6.)