Section 2-19-22

Implied warranty as to packing of cotton.

When cotton in bales is sent by a planter or other owner to a factor for sale, a warranty is implied on the part of such planter or owner to the factor and the purchaser from such factor respectively that such cotton is not fraudulently packed and, when cotton is sold by sample by the owner or his factor, that the sample has been fairly drawn and that the cotton is not fraudulently packed, and no other warranty is thereby implied. For any breach of such implied warranty, the purchaser may recover damages, either from the owner or factor selling the same, but no civil action can be brought for any breach of such last mentioned implied warranty unless the civil action is commenced within one year after such sale. Planters shall not be liable in any way for losses sustained by factors or commission merchants for having sold cotton by fraudulent or unfair samples, unless such loss was occasioned by plating or fraudulent packing of the cotton by such planter.

(Ag. Code 1927, §377; Code 1940, T. 2, §163.)