Section 2-19-61

Permit required; fee and delinquency penalty.

The proprietor, lessee, or manager of any cotton gin shall procure on or before July 1 of each year from the commissioner a permit to do business as a cotton ginner, the application for which shall be made upon forms to be furnished by the commissioner. The fee for the annual permit shall be established by the Board of Agriculture and Industries not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100), payable to the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries for deposit to the credit of the Agricultural Fund, which shall accompany the application for the permit. If such permit fee is not paid within 45 days from the due date, a delinquent penalty of 15 percent shall be added.

In the issuance of a permit the commissioner shall consider the responsibility and qualifications, as well as the capacity of the person or persons or corporation to engage in the ginning business, so far as to afford all reasonable facilities, conveniences, and services to the public, and may require the facilities, conveniences, and services to be afforded the public before a permit is granted.

The permit required under this section shall be obtained and the fee therefor paid by any agricultural cooperative association engaged in the operation of a cotton gin, and the exemption allowed such organizations pursuant to Section 2-10-105 or any other exemption statute shall not relieve such cooperative organizations from the requirements of this section.

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