Section 2-2-14

Livestock theft investigator.

The Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, with the approval of the Governor, is hereby authorized to designate as "livestock theft investigator" any employee or employees of the Department of Agriculture and Industries performing duties relating to the enforcement of the livestock laws of this state. Such employee or employees so designated shall, in addition to other duties of employment, perform work involving investigations and the enforcement of all laws of the State of Alabama enacted for the purpose of preventing theft and unlawful dealing in and handling of cattle and other livestock, including the enforcement of livestock sanitary and disease control laws to the end that persons who commit or who are charged with the commission of such unlawful offenses may be arrested and prosecuted therefor. Employees of the Department of Agriculture and Industries designated and approved under the provisions of this section as "livestock theft investigators" shall have the power and authority of peace officers for the enforcement of laws to prevent theft of livestock, livestock sanitary and disease control laws and any other laws relating to or governing the keeping, handling, movement and sale of livestock and such peace officers shall exercise such power and authority anywhere within the State of Alabama. Such employees designated and approved as peace officers hereunder shall also be authorized to investigate, serve subpoenas and make arrests for the theft of any farm machinery, equipment or supplies and perform such duties with respect to any other farm related crime as well as any other unlawful offense or crime and such peace officer authority may be exercised anywhere within the state; provided, however, livestock theft investigators shall not have the power or authority to execute search warrants. The provisions of this section shall not be construed to change the employment status of any employee designated, authorized and approved to perform duties as livestock theft investigators as provided under this section except as expressly provided herein.

(Acts 1953, No. 238, p. 303; Acts 1979, No. 79-281, p. 432.)