Section 2-2-37

Commissioner authorized to inspect and secure samples.

The commissioner is authorized, in person or by deputy or by his agents, to have free access at all reasonable hours to all premises, places of business, buildings, transportation facilities or packages or containers of whatever kind used in the manufacture, transportation, importation, sale or storage of any article, substance, material or product, the possession or sale of which is regulated by the provisions of this title or the possession or sale of which is regulated by any other statute which the commissioner, department or board is directed to administer or enforce, and shall have the power and authority to examine and inspect any parcel, container or receptacle containing or supposed to contain any of said articles, substances, material or product and, upon paying or offering to pay the full value of said specimen or sample, to take therefrom samples or specimens for analysis, examination and inspection.

(Ag. Code 1927, §227; Code 1940, T. 2, §503.)