Section 2-20-1

Size, marking, etc., of sacks, bags, etc., in which corn, oats, rye, cotton seed hulls, etc., to be sold generally.

Oats, rye, corn, wheat, barley and cotton seed hulls shall be sold in the following prescribed quantities:

(1) Oats in sacks containing two and one-half and five bushels, weighing, respectively, 80 and 160 net pounds;

(2) Rye and corn in two and two and one-half bushel sacks weighing 112 and 140 pounds net, respectively;

(3) Wheat in two and two and one-half bushel sacks weighing, respectively, 120 and 150 pounds;

(4) Barley in two and three bushel sacks weighing, respectively, 96 and 144 pounds; and

(5) Cotton seed hulls in 100 pound sacks or bags.

Such sacks, bags or packages shall have plainly marked or stenciled thereon in large type and figures the net quantities required by this section and the name and address of the manufacturer or other person responsible for placing the product on the market as well as the grade as established by the State Board of Agriculture and Industries or shall be properly tagged as required by the rules and regulations of the State Board of Agriculture and Industries.

(Ag. Code 1927, §211; Code 1940, T. 2, §137.)