Section 2-22-2


When used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the following meanings, respectively, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

(1) COMMERCIAL FERTILIZER. Any substance containing one or more recognized plant nutrients which is used for its plant nutrient content and which is designed for use or claimed to have value in promoting plant growth, except unmanipulated animal and vegetable manures, marl, lime, limestone, basic slag, gypsum and other materials or products regulated under Chapter 23 of this title. Such term shall include fertilizer material as defined in subdivision (2) of this section, and the provisions and requirements of this chapter applicable to commercial fertilizer shall also apply to fertilizer material.

(2) FERTILIZER MATERIAL. A commercial fertilizer containing one or more of the recognized plant nutrients, which is used primarily for its plant nutrient content and which either:

a. Contains important quantities of no more than one of the primary plant nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium);

b. Has approximately 85 percent of its plant nutrient content present in the form of a single chemical compound; or

c. Is derived from a plant or animal residue or by-product or a natural material deposit which has been processed in such a way that its content of primary plant nutrients has not been materially changed except by purification and concentration.

(3) BULK FERTILIZERS. Commercial fertilizer distributed to the purchaser in a solid or fluid state in a nonpackaged form.

(4) BRAND. A term, design or trademark used in connection with one or several grades of commercial fertilizer or fertilizer material.

(5) GUARANTEED ANALYSIS. The minimum percentage of plant nutrients claimed in the following order and form:

a. Total nitrogen (N) .............................................. percent
Available phosphorus (P2O5) ............................... percent
Soluable potassium (K2O) .................................... percent

b. For unacidulated mineral phosphatic materials the guaranteed analysis shall express both total and available phosphorus and/or the degree of fineness. For bone, tankage and other organic phosphatic materials, the guaranteed analysis shall express total phosphorus.

c. Guarantees for plant nutrients other than nitrogen, available phosphorus and soluble potassium may be permitted or required by regulation of the board. The guarantees for such other nutrients shall be expressed in the form of the element. The sources of such other nutrients (oxides, salt, chelates, etc.) may be required to be stated on the label. Other beneficial substances or compounds determinable by laboratory methods also may be guaranteed by permission of the commissioner with approval of the State Board of Agriculture and Industries with the advice of Directors of the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Cooperative Extension Service. When any plant nutrients or other substances or compounds are guaranteed, they shall be subject to inspection and analysis in accord with the methods and regulations prescribed by the board.

d. At any time after October 1, 1969, when the State Board of Agriculture and Industries finds after public hearing following due notice that the requirements for expressing the guaranteed analysis of phosphorus and potassium in elemental form would not impose an economic hardship on distributors and users of fertilizer by reason of conflicting labeling requirements among the states, it may require by regulation thereafter that the guaranteed analysis shall be in the following form:

Total nitrogen (N) .............................................. percent
Available phosphorus (P) .................................. percent
Soluable potassium (K) ..................................... percent

The effective date of said regulation shall be not less than six months following the issuance thereof, and, for a period of two years following the effective date of said regulation, the equivalent of phosphorus and potassium may also be shown in the form of P2O5 and K2O. After the effective date of a regulation issued under the provisions of this section requiring that phosphorus and potassium be shown in the elemental form, the guaranteed analysis for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium shall constitute the grade.

(6) GRADE. The percentages of total nitrogen, available phosphorus and soluble potassium stated in whole numbers in the same terms, order and percentages as in the guaranteed analysis; provided, that fertilizer materials, bone meal, manures and similar raw materials may be guaranteed in fractional units.

(7) OFFICIAL SAMPLE. Any sample of commercial fertilizer or fertilizer material taken by the commissioner or his agent as prescribed in Section 2-22-11 and designated as official by the commissioner.

(8) TON. A net weight of 2,000 pounds avoirdupois.

(9) PERCENT and PERCENTAGE. The percentage by weight.

(10) PERSON. Any individual, partnership, association, firm, corporation or any combination thereof.

(11) DISTRIBUTOR. Any person who imports, consigns, manufactures, produces, compounds, mixes or blends commercial fertilizer or fertilizer material or who offers for sale, sells, barters or otherwise supplies commercial fertilizer or fertilizer material in this state or for use in this state.

(12) LICENSEE. A person who has been issued a license to manufacture and sell commercial fertilizer and fertilizer material under the requirements of Section 2-22-5.

(13) BOARD. The State Board of Agriculture and Industries.

(14) COMMERCIAL VALUE. The value per unit of plant nutrient in dollars and cents as ascertained and published by the commissioner under the provisions of Section 2-22-14, which values shall be used in computing the dollar rates of penalties provided in this chapter. The "commercial value" as determined under this chapter is provided as a guide in determining the actual value of the commercial fertilizer and fertilizer material and shall not be construed to mean or imply that this chapter in any manner intends to or attempts to be a sales price-controlling or price-fixing chapter, or in any manner to fix, regulate or control the sales price of commercial fertilizer.

(15) SOIL CONDITIONER or SOIL AMENDMENT. Any material or mixture of materials used for promoting or stimulating the growth of plants, grasses or crops increasing their productivity or producing any chemical or physical change in the soil.

(16) LABEL. All written, printed or graphic matter displayed upon the immediate container of or statement accompanying a commercial fertilizer, fertilizer material, soil conditioner or soil amendment.

(17) LABELING. All written, printed or graphic matter upon or accompanying any commercial fertilizer, soil conditioner or soil amendment and all advertisements, brochures, posters or television and radio announcements used in promoting the sale of such products.

(Acts 1969, No. 434, p. 840, §3.)