Section 2-23-3

Permit required for manufacturing or distribution; fees.

Every manufacturer or distributor selling agricultural liming materials in this state shall, on or before October 1 of each year or prior to manufacture or distribution of such liming material in the State of Alabama, apply for and obtain an annual permit for such purpose on a form to be furnished by the commissioner. Such application shall be accompanied by a permit fee established by the Board of Agriculture and Industries not to exceed two hundred fifty dollars ($250) and shall show the brand name under which the liming material will be sold. If more than one type of agricultural liming material is manufactured or distributed or the product or the brand name is changed by a manufacturer or distributor, an additional permit fee established by the Board of Agriculture and Industries not to exceed one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125) for each additional brand or type of liming material must be paid. All permits shall expire on September 30 of the following year. When the manufacturer and the distributor are not the same, only one permit shall be required unless the brand name is changed, as it is hereby intended that the permit fee be paid only once on the same brand. Such application shall contain the name and address of the manufacturer or distributor, the brand name and common name of each such product together with the correct name of the material which it desires to sell in Alabama and the guaranteed analysis thereof and such other information as may be required for the effective administration and enforcement of the provisions of this chapter pursuant to rules and regulations adopted by the board.

(Acts 1975, No. 1190, §3; Act 2004-516, p. 996, §1.)