Section 2-23-6

Inspection, sampling, analysis, etc., of agricultural liming materials by commissioner; right of entry upon public or private premises, etc., of commissioner.

(a) It shall be the duty of the commissioner, who may act through his authorized agents, to sample, inspect, make analysis of and test agricultural liming materials distributed within this state as he may deem necessary to determine whether such agricultural liming materials are in compliance with the provisions of this act or regulations promulgated hereunder.

(b) The commissioner, individually or through his agents, is authorized to enter upon any public or private premises or carriers during regular business hours in order to have access to agricultural liming materials subject to the provisions of this chapter and regulations pertaining thereto and to the records relating to their distribution.

(c) In the case of out-of-state manufacturers or distributors of agricultural liming materials, sampling and inspections will be made at points of delivery or elsewhere in Alabama.

(d) The methods of analysis and sampling shall be those approved by the board and shall be guided by procedures of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists. The analysis, test and sampling of agricultural liming materials shall be made and conducted in accordance with and subject to the provisions and requirements of Article 2 of Chapter 2 of this title.

(Acts 1975, No. 1190, §6.)