Section 2-23-7

Assessment of penalties against manufacturers, distributors, etc., for deficiencies in agricultural liming materials.

The board shall have authority by rules and regulations duly adopted, as provided in this section, to provide for the assessment of penalties to be assessed against a manufacturer, distributor or other seller responsible for such deficiency of any agricultural liming material where such material is determined by analysis to be deficient in its calcium carbonate equivalent, magnesium, available potassium, available phosphorous, excessive moisture content, fineness or other minimum standards as may be established by the board for the manufacture, distribution or sale of agricultural liming materials with reasonable tolerances to be specified in such standards. Such rules and regulations as may be adopted under this section relating to the assessment of monetary penalties shall provide for the payment thereof to the purchaser-user of the liming materials; and, in the event such purchaser-user cannot be found, then payment of the amount of such penalty shall be made to the commissioner for deposit in the State Treasury to the credit of the Agricultural Fund.

(Acts 1975, No. 1190, §9.)