Section 2-24-3

Promulgation of rules and regulations as to procedures, methods, standards, etc., for soil-testing laboratories.

The State Board of Agriculture and Industries is hereby authorized to adopt and promulgate rules and regulations which shall set forth and require uniform methods, procedures and standards to be followed by soil-testing laboratories in determining the fertilizer and lime needed for agricultural crop, pasture and garden production where the results of such tests will be used for the sale, use and application of commercial fertilizers and limes. Such rules and regulations may provide for the qualifications and training of laboratory personnel, chemical and other procedures to be followed, soil extraction methods, use of calibration data, laboratory reports, method and manner of making recommendations for the fertilizer and lime needs of soils, procedure for check samples and other procedures, requirements and standards deemed necessary for the operation of an effective soil-testing laboratory. Such rules and regulations may also provide for recertification annually or more frequently when determined to be necessary and that any such approval and certification may be revoked for failure to maintain and follow certification requirements. The State Board of Agriculture and Industries is authorized to request technical information, advice, recommendations and other assistance from the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Cooperative Extension Service of Auburn University as may be needed in adopting rules, regulations and other requirements for the administration of the provisions and requirements of this chapter.

(Acts 1969, No. 820, p. 1480, §3.)