Section 2-25-20

Promulgation of rules and regulations of board or commissioner; admissibility in evidence thereof.

(a) All rules and regulations made by the board or commissioner shall be promulgated by publishing same in any official organ of the department or of the board or by giving such other reasonable public notice as may be prescribed by the board; provided, that in cases where it is deemed necessary to place a quarantine to take effect immediately, promulgation may be made by posting a copy in the courthouse or other places as the commissioner may prescribe within the county or counties in which the quarantined area exists.

(b) Printed copies of all acts, rules and regulations, quarantines or notices of the board or of the commissioner which shall be published under the authority of the board shall be admitted as sufficient evidence of such acts, rules, regulations, quarantines or notices in all courts and on all occasions whatsoever; provided, that the correctness of such copies shall be certified to by the chairman of the board or the commissioner.

(Ag. Code 1927, §299; Code 1940, T. 2, §459.)