Section 2-26-7

Requirements as to labeling of containers in which seed sold, distributed, etc.

(a) Agricultural seed.

(1) Each container of agricultural seed in excess of two pounds which is sold, offered for sale, exposed for sale or distributed within this state for planting or sowing purposes shall have attached thereto in a conspicuous place a plainly written in ink or printed label of a size not less than 2 3/8 x 4 3/4 inches in the English language, giving information for the following items:

a. Commonly accepted name, kind and variety (of those crops for which commercial varieties have been developed) of each agricultural seed component in excess of five percent of the whole, subject to tolerances as provided in Section 2-26-3, and the percentage by weight of each in the order of its predominance. Where more than one component is required to be named, the word "mixture" or the word "mixed" shall be shown conspicuously near the top of the label or tag in type of not less than 8 point;

b. Lot number or other lot identification;

c. Origin or place where grown;

d. Percentage by weight of all weed seeds; provided, that not more than two percent weed seeds may occur in any lot of seed; provided further, that the State Board of Agriculture and Industries is authorized to reduce this percentage and the State Board of Agriculture and Industries is also authorized to exempt certain seeds from this requirement; and provided further, that such seed that may be exempted shall not exceed five percent weed seed;

e. Percentage by weight of agricultural seeds other than those required to be named on the label;

f. Percentage by weight of inert matter;

g. The name and rate of occurrence per pound of the whole for each kind of noxious weed seed provided that the limits under Section 2-26-11 are not exceeded. All determinations of noxious weed seeds are subject to tolerances and methods of determination prescribed in the rules and regulations under this article;

h. Percentage of germination, exclusive of hard seed, percentage of hard seed, when present, and the calendar month and year the test was completed to determine such percentages; provided, that such seed shall not germinate below the minimum standards to be found under Section 2-26-11;

i. Net weight;

j. Name and address of the person who labeled said seed or who sells, offers or exposes it for sale or distribution within this state; and

k. The name and address, for hybrid seed corn, of the person who grew the seed or is responsible for its distribution and the name or designation under which each lot of seed will be sold.

(2) All information required on the analysis tag or label shall be placed on one side of the tag without intervening matter which obliterates, defaces or contradicts the analysis. Information required under subsection (e) of this section hereof for treated seed may be shown on the face of the analysis tag. The State Board of Agriculture and Industries pursuant to rules and regulations is authorized to permit the required labeling information to be placed on the bag or container if found to be in the best interest of Alabama agriculture.

(b) Vegetable seed.

(1) All vegetable seed, including beans, peas, edible soybeans, edible cowpeas and corn, shall be labeled to show:

a. Name of kind and variety,

b. Net weight,

c. Lot identification,

d. Percentage of germination, exclusive of hard seed,

e. Date of germination test, and

f. Name and address of person responsible for the information.

(2) For seed which germinate less than the standard last established by the State Board of Agriculture and Industries, the packet or container shall be labeled to also contain the words "below standard" in not less than 12 point type; provided, that the State Board of Agriculture and Industries shall also fix a minimum germination below which vegetable seed cannot be sold or offered for sale.

(3) If such seed contain weed seeds in excess of one half of one percent of the total or inert matter in excess of one percent or other crop seed in excess of one percent or any noxious weed seeds, a complete analysis must be given, showing information for all the items required under the labeling requirements for agricultural seed in subdivision (1) of subsection (a) of this section.

(c) Flower and herb seed. Every separate package of flower or herb seed sold, offered for sale or exposed for sale in this state for seeding purposes shall be labeled to show:

(1) Name of kind and variety,

(2) Year for which seed were packed for sale, and

(3) Name and address of the person responsible for the information given.

(d) Tree and shrub seed. Each bag or container must be labeled to comply with the rules and regulations promulgated by the State Board of Agriculture and Industries.

(e) Treated seed. Any seed or any mixture thereof for seeding purposes that has been treated shall have shown on a label or tag in type no smaller than one-fourth inch bold face type to indicate that the seed has been treated and such label shall also state the commonly accepted, coined, chemical or abbreviated chemical (generic) name of any substance or a description of any process (other than application of a substance) used in such treatment in accordance with this section. Seed treated with mercurials or similar toxic substances shall be labeled to show "treated with poison" or "poison treated," and such statement shall appear in bold face type of not less than one-fourth inch. These words shall be printed in heavy red type. The label shall also show a representation of a skull and crossbones which may be shown on the tag bearing the analysis information or on a separate tag or on the container. If the substance used in such treatment in the amount remaining with the seed is harmful to humans or other vertebrate animals, the label shall also contain additional information as required under regulations of the State Board of Agriculture and Industries.

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