Section 2-27-30

Establishment and operation; policy committee and executive committee therefor.

The commissioner and state Department of Agriculture and Industries shall have authority to provide for the establishment and operation of a laboratory to obtain reliable analysis of raw and processed agricultural products, the materials used in production of agricultural products for harmful pesticide residues for the protection of public health and interest, to aid in developing and expanding markets for agricultural products, the protection and production of fish and wildlife, and the use of recreational areas as related to pesticide residues. In connection therewith, there shall be established a policy committee to be composed of the following:

(1) The Director, Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, who shall be chairman of the committee;

(2) The Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and Industries;

(3) The Director, Alabama Experiment Station System;

(4) The State Health Officer;

(5) The Commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources;

(6) The president, or a representative named by him, of the following organizations or associations:

a. Alabama Farmers Federation;

b. Alabama Dairy Products Association;

c. Alabama Feed Dealers Association;

d. Alabama Poultry Industry Association;

e. Alabama Fisheries Association;

f. Alabama Cattlemen's Association;

g. Alabama Pesticide Institute; and

h. A representative of the Alabama Farmers Federation Dairy Committee and one person engaged in the production and/or marketing of fruits and vegetables, to be appointed by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries.

The advisory committee may select from among their number an executive committee, who shall have and exercise such authority as the advisory committee may determine. The members of the advisory committee and executive committee shall not be entitled to any remuneration whatever for the performance of their functions. Members of such committee may be represented at meetings by their proxies.

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