Section 2-27-33

Additional powers and authority.

(a) In addition to the powers and authority heretofore authorized by law pursuant to Sections 2-27-30, 2-27-31 and 2-27-32, the pesticide residue laboratory heretofore established and now operated by the Department of Agriculture and Industries at Auburn University shall also be authorized to obtain reliable analysis of raw and processed agricultural products and other food products, fish, game, and other wildlife to detect the presence of any harmful drug residues for the protection of public health, to aid in developing and expanding markets for agricultural products, and for the protection and production of fish and wildlife and related purposes, which activities shall be in addition to the duties as now authorized by law for the operation of such laboratory.

(b) In addition to the testing and analysis authorized in subsection (a), testing and analysis may be performed as authorized in Section 2-2-33.

(Acts 1979, No. 79-702, p. 1250; Act 2015-262, §2.)