Section 2-27-51

Purpose of article.

The purpose of this article is to regulate, in the public interest, the application of pesticides. In recent years many new materials have been discovered or synthesized which are valuable and necessary for the control of insects, plant diseases and weeds; however, such materials when misused may seriously injure health, property, crops, wildlife, bees and fish. Pesticides may also injure man or animals, either by direct poisoning or by gradual accumulation of poisons in the tissues. The drifting or washing of pesticides into streams or lakes can cause appreciable damage to aquatic life. A pesticide applied by aircraft or ground equipment for the purpose of controlling diseases, insects or weeds in a crop which is not itself injured by the pesticide may drift, sometimes for miles, and injure or contaminate other crops and other things with which it comes in contact. Therefore, it is deemed necessary and in the public interest to provide some means of regulating the application of pesticides.

(Acts 1971, No. 1957, p. 3177, §1.)