Section 2-27-52

Exceptions to applicability of article.

This article shall not apply to the application of pesticides to lawns, trees or shrubs immediately adjacent to a dwelling or building nor to the use of pesticides or other chemicals for the control, eradication or prevention of termites or household pests. In no event shall this article be construed so as to apply to persons engaged in farming activities who use their own aircraft or ground equipment for the application of pesticides, unless such persons use this equipment for hire to service property not owned or leased by them, nor shall this article apply to municipalities, counties or the state or federal agencies, or subdivisions thereof, where such governmental agencies engage in the custom application of pesticides through employees of such agencies; provided, that nothing in this section shall be construed to exempt any person from the requirements of this article where such person performs custom application of pesticides by contract for any governmental agency. Any person issued a license pursuant to the requirements of this article shall not be required to procure a permit required by Chapter 28 of this title unless such person engages in work regulated, controlled and governed by the provisions and requirements thereof; but none of the provisions of this section shall be construed to exempt any person from being required to procure a license under requirements of this article and also a permit under requirements of Chapter 28 of this title where such persons engage in work regulated and governed by both of said statutes.

(Acts 1971, No. 1957, p. 3177, §12.)