Section 2-27-54

License - Suspension, revocation or modification; appeals from actions of commissioner.

(a) The commissioner may suspend, pending inquiry, for not longer than 10 days and, after opportunity for a hearing, may revoke or modify the provision of any license issued under this section if he finds that the licensee is no longer qualified, has engaged in fraudulent business practices in the custom application of pesticides or has made any custom application of pesticides in a faulty, careless or negligent manner or has violated or fails or refuses to comply with any of the provisions and requirements of this article, or regulations promulgated thereunder.

(b) Any person aggrieved by any action of the commissioner in refusing to issue a license or in revoking any license may obtain a review thereof by filing an appeal to the board within 15 days after notice of denial or revocation of the license has been received by the applicant or licensee, which appeal must be heard by the board at its next regular meeting or at a special called meeting for this purpose; provided, that such appeal must be heard by the board not later than 30 days following the date on which an appeal is filed. The filing of an appeal shall not suspend the action of the commissioner in the revocation or denial of any license. The action of the board in denying or revoking any license may be reviewed by the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Alabama, upon a complaint being filed in said court, accompanied by a bond for payment of all court costs, which bond must be approved by the register or clerk, and such appeal must be filed within 20 days after notice to the applicant or licensee of the board's decision. The commissioner shall have 20 days in which to enter his appearance after the petition is served upon him. The court shall have jurisdiction to affirm, set aside or modify the action of the commissioner and the board, and such proceedings in the circuit court shall determine by trial de novo whether the applicant is entitled to the license under the requirements of this article.

(Acts 1971, No. 1957, p. 3177, §3.)