Section 2-27-57

Rules and regulations - Generally.

The commissioner, with the approval of the board, is hereby authorized to promulgate such rules and regulations as are reasonable and necessary to carry out the evident intent and purpose of the provisions and requirements of this article; provided, that any such regulations shall not be inconsistent with regulations by the state or federal government respecting safety in air navigation or operation of aircraft. The commissioner shall consult with other officials before issuing regulations directly related to any matter within the jurisdiction of any other official of this state. Before any rules or regulations are promulgated or any existing rules and regulations are amended, as provided in this section, the commissioner shall give at least 10 days' notice to persons engaged in custom application of pesticides by aircraft or ground equipment that such rules and regulations are to be considered for adoption or for amendment by the board, in order that such persons may appear and be heard concerning the adoption or amending of any rules and regulations.

(Acts 1971, No. 1957, p. 3177, §10.)