Section 2-28-9

Regulation of performance of subterranean termite eradication and control work generally.

Persons engaged in subterranean termite eradication and control work shall be required to file a monthly report with the commissioner containing such information relative to work performed as may be required by rules and regulations duly adopted as authorized under provisions of this chapter in order that it may be determined whether persons having been issued a permit are complying with the requirements of this chapter. Every person engaged in subterranean termite eradication and control work shall make an annual inspection of each job done during the term of the contract and shall report to the building owner in each instance as to whether or not there has been a reinfestation of subterranean termites. If a contract for termite eradication work provides for inspections of such work at intervals of less than one year, such inspections shall be made as required by the terms of the contract, and failure or refusal to make such required inspections or any retreatment or other related work as required by a contract shall constitute a valid and sufficient reason for revocation of the permit.

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