Section 2-3-3

Meetings; per diem and expenses.

The State Board of Agriculture and Industries shall hold its annual meetings each year at the office of the commissioner on the second Tuesday in November. Other regular meetings shall be held on the second Tuesdays in February, May and August. Special meetings may be held as the duties and business of the board may require. In case of the absence of the chairman, the board shall elect a temporary chairman. The rules generally adopted by deliberative bodies for their government shall be observed by the board. No motion or resolution shall be adopted without the concurrence of a majority of the whole board. The appointive members of the State Board of Agriculture and Industries shall receive a per diem of $50.00 per day, and their expenses incurred in attending meetings and transacting the business of the board shall be paid as provided in Article 2 of Chapter 7 of Title 36; provided, that they shall not draw such per diem for more than 20 days in any fiscal year. An ex officio or nonappointive member of the State Board of Agriculture and Industries may designate or appoint any member of his staff to attend meetings of the board when such ex officio member is unable to attend and such staff member so designated shall have full power and authority to vote for and on behalf of such ex officio member on any question that may come before the board.

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