Section 2-30-24

Authorization and procedure for condemnation of lands for experimental work in forestry.

In the event any lands are approved by the Director of the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station of Auburn University as suitable for experimental work in forestry and any county, municipality, person, firm, corporation or Auburn University is willing to pay the purchase price of said property that it may be donated to such public use and the person owning the same is unwilling to convey the same to Auburn University at a reasonable purchase price, the Governor may proceed to have the same condemned for such public use in the name of the State of Alabama as provided in Chapter 1 of Title 18 of this Code; provided, that no condemnation process authorized by this section shall be begun until the county, municipality, person, firm, corporation or Auburn University undertaking to pay the purchase price shall have entered into an agreement prepared by the Attorney General to promptly pay all judgments, costs and expenses of such condemnation proceedings and shall have given bond in some bonding company authorized to do business in the State of Alabama to faithfully and promptly execute the said agreement. The agreement for which provision is made in this section shall be filed with the Governor and the bond required shall be filed with and approved by the Governor.

(Acts 1945, No. 294, p. 488, §8.)