Section 2-31-12

Refusal, suspension or revocation of license - Contesting; hearing.

The grain dealer, after being notified of the commissioner's decision to suspend, revoke, refuse to renew or refuse to initially issue a license may request a hearing before the commissioner concerning his action. Said request for hearing must be in writing and if the action taken by the commissioner is revocation, suspension or failure to renew an existing license, said written request for a hearing, submitted by the grain dealer, if received by the commissioner within 10 days after his notification to the grain dealer, the intended action by the commissioner shall be stayed pending the outcome of the hearing. Failure of the grain dealer to submit written request for a hearing within 10 days after receiving notification of the commissioner's action will, in the discretion of the commissioner, be grounds for not staying the action of the commissioner in suspending, revoking or failing to renew the license.

(Acts 1981, No. 81-391, p. 611, §12.)