Section 2-31-13

Refusal, suspension or revocation of license - Procedure; hearings.

The above hearing shall be formal and shall be held no less than 10 days after notice is given to the grain dealer of the hearing nor more than 30 days after the commissioner has received the request for the hearing.

The commissioner or his designated representative shall preside over the hearing and it shall be the burden of the grain dealer to show that the grounds set out in the commissioner's letter of revocation, suspension or failure to renew would not constitute grounds to support the action taken by the commissioner. In this hearing and all other hearings and matters contemplated under the laws which the commissioner is responsible for regulation, he shall act in a quasi-judicial capacity.

Sworn testimony will be heard and any evidence whether hearsay or not, of probative value will be admissible at the hearing.

Any producer, at the discretion of the commissioner demonstrating a pecuniary interest in the outcome of the hearing may be allowed to intervene as a party to the hearing. Any party to the hearing may either represent himself or be represented by counsel. Formal rules of pleading or evidence shall not be required at the hearing but the guidelines set out for an administrative board hearing by the appellant courts of Alabama shall be followed so long as they do not conflict with the provisions of this article or other laws, the responsibility of the commissioner for enforcement or regulation.

(Acts 1981, No. 81-391, p. 611, §13.)