Section 2-31-3

License required; renewal; fees.

No person may engage in business as a grain dealer in the State of Alabama without a license therefor issued by the commissioner. Application for a license to engage in business as a grain dealer shall be filed with the commissioner and shall be on a form prescribed and furnished by the commissioner. The application shall set forth the name of the applicant, the principal officers, if the applicant is a corporation or the active members of a partnership, the location of the principal office or place of business of the applicant, the location or locations in this state at which the applicant proposes to engage in business as a grain dealer, the kind of grain which the applicant proposes to handle, the type of business which the applicant proposes to conduct, and additional information as the commissioner by regulation may require.

The application for an initial license may be filed at any time prior to beginning business as a grain dealer. The license shall be renewed annually on or before October 1.

The application for a license to operate as a grain dealer as defined in this article, or a renewal thereof, shall be accompanied by a filing fee determined by the amount of grain storage capacity. The filing fee shall be established by the Board of Agriculture and Industries.

A person with no storage capacity is required to pay a $25.00 filing fee. All license fees collected hereunder shall be deposited into the State Treasury to the credit of the Agricultural Fund.

(Acts 1981, No. 81-391, p. 611, §3; Act 2004-516, p. 996, §1.)