Section 2-3A-54

Expenses; disposition of proceeds.

Upon order of the board of directors of said authority, all expenses incurred in connection with the authorization, preparation, sale, and issuance of bonds authorized herein and by Amendment 619 shall be paid out of the proceeds thereof. The proceeds thereof remaining after payment of such expenses, together with the income derived from the investment and reinvestment of such proceeds (including income derived from the investment and reinvestment of previously derived income) shall be disbursed from time to time on the order of said authority for payment of costs incurred in carrying out the purposes authorized in said amendment, as follows: The sum of five million seven hundred thousand dollars ($5,700,000) shall be used for the purpose of providing and the equipping of a center for cotton, cotton products technology, and for its use as an educational, applied research, and promotional facility in the field of textile and apparel technology.

Disbursements for such purposes shall be made taking into account matching or other funds at the time available to pay a portion of the costs of facilities as aforesaid, and said authority is authorized to provide for and coordinate the expenditure of such matching or other funds in providing said facilities through agreements to be entered into with such other agencies and institutions as shall be determined to be appropriate and convenient therefor. The costs of architectural and supervisory services, from whatever source provided, shall be deemed to constitute a capital cost or outlay for which bond proceeds and investment income are authorized to be expended by the provisions of this article. Any building or facility constructed, expanded, renovated, altered or otherwise improved wholly or in part with such proceeds shall be constructed or improved pursuant to plans and specifications approved by said authority and the technical staff of the Building Commission shall thereafter be operated by an agency to be determined by the Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries in consultation and cooperation with textile related business, trade associations, to include, but not be limited to, the Alabama Textile Manufacturers Association, Inc., under such arrangements as may be authorized by law.

(Act 98-506, p. 1178, §5.)