Section 2-6-104

Public corporation - Board of directors.

(a) The corporation shall be governed by a board of directors, as provided for in this section. All powers of the corporation shall be exercised by the board or pursuant to its authorization. The presence of a majority of members of the board of directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. No vacancy on the board or the voluntary disqualification or abstention of any director shall impair the right of a quorum of the board to act.

(b) The board of directors shall be the same as the Agricultural Center Board.

(c) All resolutions adopted by the board of directors shall constitute actions of the corporation, and all proceedings of the board shall be reduced to writing by the secretary and shall be recorded in a substantially bound book and filed in the office of the Director of Finance. Copies of such proceedings, when certified by the secretary under seal of the corporation, shall be received in all courts as prima facie evidence of the matters and things certified. The board shall meet at any time and upon notice as it shall determine or upon the call of the president or the vice president.

(Act 2011-575, p. 1231, §6.)