Section 2-6-113

Sale of bonds.

Bonds may be sold by the corporation in series, and if sold in more than one series may all be authorized in one initial resolution of the board of directors with the pledges made in such initial resolution, although some of the details applicable to each series may be specified in the respective resolutions under which the different series are issued. Each series of the bonds may be sold at public or private sale, as determined by the corporation, at such price or prices as the corporation shall determine, and, if sold at public sale either on sealed bids or at public auction, on a basis determined by the corporation to enable it to effect the sale of the bonds being sold at the lowest effective borrowing cost to the corporation; provided, that if in the event of public sale of the bonds no bid acceptable to the corporation is received it may reject all bids. Notice of each public sale or summary notice of sale or both shall be given by publication in either a financial journal or a financial newspaper published in the City of New York, New York, at least one time not less than 10 days prior to the date fixed for the sale. The board of directors may fix the terms and conditions under which each such sale may be held; provided, that such terms and conditions shall not conflict with any of the requirements of this article.

(Act 2011-575, p. 1231, §15.)