Section 2-6-127

Dissolution of corporation.

When all securities issued by the corporation and all obligations assumed by it under this article shall have been paid in full, the then president of the corporation shall execute and deliver in the name of and in behalf of the corporation an appropriate deed, or deeds, to which the seal of the corporation shall be affixed and attested by the secretary of the corporation, whereby there shall be conveyed to the state all the buildings, properties, and other assets then owned by the corporation. The then officers and directors of the corporation shall at such time file with the Secretary of State a written statement, subscribed and sworn to by each of them, reciting the payment in full of all bonds issued by the corporation and the execution and delivery of such deed or deeds to the state, which statement shall be filed by the Secretary of State and recorded with the certificate of incorporation of the corporation, whereupon the corporation shall stand dissolved.

(Act 2011-575, p. 1231, §29.)