Section 2-6-51

Lease authorized.

The Agricultural Center Board is hereby authorized and empowered to enter into an agreement with the corporation under which agreement all or any part of the properties of the corporation shall be leased to the board. The lease agreement shall begin upon the completion of the construction and equipment of the coliseum and the necessary facilities in connection therewith and shall extend for such period of time as may be agreed upon by the board and the corporation; provided, that it shall not exceed for any period later than the last maturity of any bonds which may be issued by the corporation. The lease agreement shall provide for the payment by the board as rental for the properties covered thereby of an amount sufficient to pay, as the same respectively mature, the principal of and interest on all bonds issued by the corporation and to create and maintain a reserve therefor and shall require the board, as additional rental, to pay the premiums on all proper insurance covering the said properties and the equipment therein and all expenses necessary to keep the said properties in good repair and may contain such other provisions and agreements not inconsistent with the provisions of this article and the laws of the state as the board and the corporation may agree.

(Acts 1951, No. 533, p. 943, §2.)