Section 2-6-71

Declaration of purpose and legislative findings.

The Legislature has found and determined and does hereby declare that in certain areas of this state, there are inadequate market facilities available to Alabama farmers for the efficient handling and sale of agricultural and agriculture related products.

The Legislature has also found and determined, and does hereby declare that the coliseum is in dire need of repair and is in such poor condition as to limit its use by the public. It is the intent of the Legislature, by the passage of this article, to authorize the incorporation of a public corporation as an instrumentality of the state for the purpose of borrowing funds to finance the construction of an adequate market facility and the renovation of the coliseum and to vest said corporation with all powers, rights, privileges and titles that may be necessary to accomplish said purposes. This article shall be liberally construed in conformity with said intent.

(Acts 1984, No. 84-252, p. 405, §2.)