Section 2-6-75

Powers of corporation - Generally.

The corporation shall have the following powers, together with all powers incidental thereto or necessary or convenient to the discharge thereof in corporate form:

(1) To have succession by its corporate name until dissolved as provided in this article;

(2) To sue and be sued and to prosecute and defend civil actions in any court having jurisdiction of the subject matter and of the parties;

(3) To adopt and make use of a corporate seal and to alter the same at pleasure;

(4) To make and alter all needful bylaws, rules and regulations for the transaction of the corporation's business and the control of its property and affairs;

(5) To borrow money and, in evidence of such borrowing, to sell and issue its securities (whether or not bearing periodic interest) as herein provided for any corporate use or purpose;

(6) To pledge for the payment of the principal of, premium, if any, and interest on such securities, any funds or revenues from which said securities may be made payable as herein provided;

(7) To appoint, employ, discharge and contract with such employees, agents, independent contractors, trustees and depositories, attorneys, accountants, financial experts, underwriters, fiscal agents or other advisors as may in the judgment of the board of directors be necessary or desirable, and to fix and pay their compensation and expenses; and

(8) To make and enter into such contracts, agreements and other actions as may be necessary or desirable to accomplish any corporate purpose and to exercise any power necessary for the accomplishment of the purposes of the corporation or incidental to the powers expressly set out herein.

(Acts 1984, No. 84-252, p. 405, §6.)