Section 2-7-25

Filing of statement of prizes to be awarded.

On a date to be specified by the board and not less than 30 days before holding its fair, the president, secretary or other officer of any association which desires to share in state aid available for the purposes of this article shall file with or make available to the board a statement of prizes and premiums to be paid during the current fair season for entries outlined in Section 2-7-24. The statement shall show the name and address of each prize and premium winner for the prior year, along with the amount paid to each winner and the total amount paid to all winners. The association shall keep for three years checks, receipts or other evidence of payments of prizes and premiums listed for the purpose of obtaining state aid. State aid on the basis of premiums paid during the preceding season shall be allocated by the board for the current fair season. Whenever any fair did not operate during the preceding fair season, the board is authorized in that instance alone to make an allocation of state aid based upon the estimate of prizes and premiums to be paid during the current season.

(Acts 1969, No. 1122, p. 2077, §6.)