Section 2-7-26

Verified statement of awards; approval of awards by board; payments to fairs.

Within 30 days after the prizes and premiums have been paid and upon a verified statement of the association, the board shall determine from the application, reports, checks or receipts and by any investigation deemed necessary as to whether or not a fair requesting aid has been held in accordance with the provisions of this article and with the rules and regulations promulgated under this article. If, in the judgment of the board, the fair has met such requirements, said board shall present the State Comptroller with a requisition for an amount equal to the state aid authorized such fair and any special merit award, as provided in this article, that may have been earned by such fair. The State Comptroller shall thereupon draw a warrant upon the State Treasurer for payment of the amount due to be paid to such fair.

(Acts 1969, No. 1122, p. 2077, §7.)