Section 2-8-11

Subsequent referendums.

In the event any referendum conducted as provided in this article shall fail to receive the required number of affirmative votes from cattle owners eligible for participation and voting therein, then the certified association conducting the said referendum shall be authorized to call another referendum, for the purposes set forth in this article, in the next succeeding year, on the question of an assessment and promotional program for the period authorized by this article; provided, that no such referendum shall be held within a period of 12 months from the date on which the last referendum was held. In the event such referendum is carried or favored by the required number of eligible cattle owners participating therein and assessments in pursuance thereof are levied for the period set forth in the call for such referendum, then the association conducting such referendum shall have full power and authority to call and conduct during or after the last year of such period another referendum in which the cattle owners shall vote upon the question of whether or not such assessments shall be continued or renewed for another period of time as authorized under this article. Any subsequent referendums authorized in this section shall be subject to all of the requirements of an original referendum conducted under the provisions of this article.

(Acts 1961, Ex. Sess., No. 280, p. 2320, §11.)