Section 2-8-126

Notice of referendum; maximum assessment.

When a referendum has been authorized as provided in Section 2-8-125, the certified organization shall, before calling and announcing such referendum, fix, determine and publicly announce, at least 30 days before the date determined upon for such referendum, the date, hours and polling places for voting in such referendum, the amount and basis of the assessment proposed to be collected, the means by which such assessment shall be collected if authorized by the growers and the general purposes to which said amount so collected shall be applied. Such notice shall be published by the certified association through the medium of an established farm publication, and written notice thereof shall be given to each county extension chairman in the area covered by the referendum. Provided, however, any referendum called under the provisions of this article for the assessment of peanuts, notice shall also be published once a week in a newspaper in the county in which USDA inspection and buying points for peanuts are located for three successive weeks next preceding the referendum. No annual assessment levied under the provisions of this article shall exceed three fourths of one percent of the value of the year's production of such agricultural commodity grown by any farmer, producer or grower included in the group to which such referendum is submitted.

(Acts 1957, No. 108, p. 142, §7; Acts 1987, No. 87-595, p. 1034, §1.)